To Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Turkey/Northern Kurdistan Greeting on the occasion of 15th anniversary of the foundation of the Party

Dear comrades, on behalf of Serve the People – Communist League of Norway we send you the warmest greetings and wishes of success on the occasion of 15th anniversary of the foundation of MLCP of Turkey/Northern Kurdistan.


Press statement from Serve the People: It is Insane to Give Obama the Nobel Peace Prize

Serve the People believes that giving the Nobel Peace Prize to the President of the U.S. is insane, and they are looking forward to participating in large mass demonstrations against any potential visit by Obama to Oslo.

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A strong turn to the right did not apply to the voters

The Red Party did not achieve their goals, just as Serve the People predicted.

Antifascist Proletarian Patrol I

Solidarity with the trialed antifascists in Massa, Italy

Serve the People – Communist League of Norway expresses its solidarity with the antifascists in Massa, Tuscany who are to be put on trial 9th October. The harassment antifascists in Berlusconi’s Italy is exposed to, is not widely known in Norway, but is anyway proving that Italy is not a democratic country.

For a communist offensive

To the Struggle has interviewed Henrik Ormåsen, spokesperson of Serve the People, about the economic crisis. - It doesn’t help with the Red party in the parliament, we need a communist offensive, he says.

Goobye 2008 - Welcome 2009

Serve the People – a Marxist-Leninist Group wish you a happy new year in combat

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Resurgent Maoism in Britain - A Maoist Party for Britain?

Serve the People have been invited to Britain to contribute to the founding of a revolutionary communist party there. We publish the invitation here.

Tjen folket har blitt invitert til Storbritannia for å bidra til stiftelsen av et revolusjonært kommunistparti der. Vi legger ut invitasjonen her.

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The Maoists win elections in Nepal

Serve the People – a Marxist-Leninist group – celebrate the Maoist victory in the elections to the Consistuent Assembly. It is now clear that the Maoists have won more seats in the Assembly than the other parties altogether. Even though the Maoists have had a strong position among the masses and fought a civil war against those in power in the country, the size of the victory comes as a surprise to most, also the Maoists themselves.

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