About Serve the People

Serve the People – Communist League works to establish a revolutionary communist party in Norway.

More Openness After 22nd July?

System critic imprisoned because the Prime Minister came to Bergen, Norway.

Mangler bilde

Solidarity with the workers’ movement in Panama

To the Communist Party (marxist-leninist) of Panama

Bilde fra marsjen i Hellas. Banneret sier: Ned med den indiske statens myrderier! Seier til folkets motstandskamp!

Solidarity rally for the Indian people!

Joint statement of left organizations.

Mangler bilde

Statement from the KKE (ml) about the mass protests on 5th May 2010

The Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) salutes the hundreds of thousands workers, youth, unemployed and pensioners who demonstrated their wrath against the barbarity of the measures promoted by the government and the imperialist European Union and IMF mechanisms, all over Greece.

Hellas har vært preget av folkelige protester i lang tid

To the Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist)

Greeting on the occasion of your 7th conference

Stopp Operation Green Hunt!

Stop Operation Green Hunt

Since the beginning of November 2009, Operation Green Hunt is being conducted in India.

Fifth Norwegian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan – the Socialist Left Party Has Blood on their Hands

The fifht Norwegian soldier has been killed in the predatory war in Afghanistan. Bring the troops home NOW!, Serve the People demands.

CPI (m)

CPI (Maoist) Sums Up Advances in 2009 and Challenges Ahead

This statement appeared in Maoist Information Bulletin 11, dated October 7, 2009, which is available at Banned Thought.

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