Since 1923 the social democratic Labour party has been a spearhead for electoralism and bourgeois politics.

Martin Tranmæl was the leading ideologue of the Labor Party (Arbeiderpartiet) from before World War I to the 50s. He was the spearhead of the Trade Union Opposition of 1911 who won the majority on the Arbeiderpartiets(AP) National Congress in 1919.

Then he claimed to be revolutionary and radical, he is known to agitate for dynamite in drill holes, that the road workers who went on strike were to put dynamite in the drill holes so that the scab literally would be blown to the sky – or alternatively to hell.

The radicalism of Tranmæl was just a phase. In 1923 he spearheaded signing out the AP from the Comintern. The withdrawal from the Comintern led to that communists broke out from the party and formed NKP (Norwegian Communist Party). Already during the Iron strike in 1923 the Labout party revealed themselves, they were no longer revolutionary. The split in the party that created the NKP was not fundamentally an expression of anti centralism, as Tranmæl expressed when he spoke in Moscow in the spring of 1923, but an expression of that the historical rift between Social Democrats and Communists were completed in Norway. The attached article from Materialisten 1-79 (from the study booklet of the red summer camp in 2015) is documenting the systematic attempts to crack the organized fighting spirit of the Norwegian working class after 1923.

From now on AP followed the line of Tranmæl: “Forward to battle comrades! Election battle!” The struggles should not be directly from the working class, but headed over to put a ballot in an balletbox. The revolutionary spirit of the working class and the willingness of fundamentally changing the society were to be broken by any means.

Lenin wanted defeat of their own rulers in the First World War, and the socialist parties of Europe had committed to this position when the organized working class saw the clouds of war threatening the continent.

Once war was declared most of working parties fell into the bourgeois, imperial, royal fold, they supported their own rulers, they voted for war credits and sent 18 million young men out to die on the battlefields. Some dared to agitate against warmongers and vote against continued war credits to their own rulers. Two of these were Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. They were killed by reactionary Freikorps who operated on the orders of the Social Democratic Interior Minister Gustav Noske.

In the booklet from the summer camp you will find parts of an article of Rosa Luxemburg before World War I where she reveals Bernsteins attempts to create a peaceful and reformist path forward to socialism. We quote from this article:

“Therefore Bernstein* political opinions leads to the same conclusion as his economic theories: Basically, they do not aim at realizing the socialist idea, but only to reform the capitalist, they do not aim to abolish the wage system, but only to achieve more or less within the framework of exploitation; they will in other words remove the capitalist outgrowths and not capitalism itself.”

(Bernstein is the leading social-democratic theoretician.)

Social Democracy/AP in Norway has been and remains the strongest political force in this country. It is a political force that has established itself as one of the two main forces in the bourgeoisie. They deny the possibility of thinking outside the box, to imagine a society where capitalism no longer controls us. The two main forces within the bourgeoisie, Ap and The Right Party (Høyre) is set up every time as main opponents, as if reality can be reduced to a rooster fight arena where the red and blue cock fighting against each other periodically. However, unlike the real rooster fighting, both roosters survive every time and can be recycled to the next performance. These battles are not the reality and the roosters are just blue. The policy has now become so without content that Ap now has a party leader who has been voting Høyre and that does not flag on 1 May. There are not even symbols left.

Stalin wrote; “It is impossible to put an end to capitalism without putting an end to Social Democracy in the labor movement.”

We believe that he is quite right in this.

We must expose Ap as driving forces for NATO membership, to try to force Norway into the EEC/EC/EU in 1963, 1972, 1994. For the EEA Agreement, to develop an aggressive Norwegian imperialism around the world, in Libya, in Afghanistan. As a reward for that the redgreen coalition government for 8 years spearheaded the development of Norwegian imperialism, the warmongers Stoltenberg was offered the position as Secretary General of NATO.

Ap perceive themselves as the core of the Norwegian capitalism, they work all the time to break all opposition which is fundamental opponents of capitalism. For example combating NKP before and after World War II. The Kråkerøy speech of Gerhardsen in 1948 gave the go-ahead for a systematic ostracism of all communists. When the new communist movement grew up in the 60s and 70s this was repeated with harassment, attempted isolation, personal attacks and surveillance. The same methods are attempted against the communist movement which we organize today.

Ap surround themselves with support parties, these have been reduced to satellites that orbit around this party. As The Socialist Left Party (SV) leader Lysbakken said after he had published his book, that he was totally agreeing with everything Støre stood for, or like the reviewer in Morgenbladet writes:

“In the final chapter of his book” A new way to power " SV leader Audun Lysbakken praises Jonas Gahr Støre as “honest and innovative” and “a partner it is possible to rely on.” I wish for Jonas Gahr Støre as new prime minister, writes Lysbakken, the rationale is: Støre is a politician who is “rooted in the vision and values.” A new socialism for a new era consists in cling to the Ministers pants. The message will probably pass more enthusiasm in Ap than in SV, could not this just as easily have been written in a book that justified the closure of the SV?"

Red’s (Rødt) leader Moxnes is sitting and waiting for the Governing Mayor candidate Raymond Johansen of Ap shall call him so that Red can be a part of management foundation for City parliament.

h2.A red line

Serve the People stands for something completely different, as the excerpt from the electoral summary from 2013 shows:

_"To boycott elections is not a principle for communists. It is a tactic that we use because we believe that the conditions we work in, and with our organization, it is this method gives the most bang for the forces. There are examples of communists in different ways who are participating in elections. But anyway, revolutionary communists always attempt to disclose system and the parliamentary circus. And real communists will not glorify bourgeois phony democracy. In this election, it has been run a ruthless campaign to get people to vote. This is nothing new – at all pollings the parties say that the important thing is that you vote. This has been more aggressive this year than before. The chair of the so-called Revolutionary Party Red(Rødt) has said – several times – that it is important that everybody votes. And many of us have seen the 7Elevens strange use your vote campaign. We rarely see such a strong unit between the state capital and a party like Red – which this time takes form as election propaganda. This pressure to get people to vote is essentially a movement to tie the people as closely as possible to the current system. They say that if you do not vote you cannot complain – but in reality it is rather so that if you vote for the current parties, it is really your own fault when you voted for it and complain about incompetent politicians after the election …

To break with this pressure, like we do with a boycott campaign, is a liberating process. Imagine, you can care, engage and work actively to change society – without voting! It is a thought that the system’s elite don’t like at all. For Serve the People this campaign have several levels. We want to plant this liberating idea amongst as many people as possible. The more people that are contemplating to boycott as an alternative to the parties, the better. One does not have to agree with us in everything, but if one considers the boycott as a real alternative, they have already taken an important step towards disentangling the thinking from the grip of 7eleven and Olav Thon, Stoltenberg and Solberg. Our main approach to reveal how awful capitalism and their parties are is the wars of Norway. NATO-Norway have now participated in several sharp missions. And the redgreen coalition have done more than any former Norwegian government to make Norway an active and aggressive military power. Twelve years as occupier in Afghanistan. God knows how many parents and children who are killed by Norwegian troops in this country. Hundreds of bombing raids over Libya in 2011. Large quantities of weapons sold to the United States, Turkey and Israel – Where did these bullets and missiles end up?

The Norwegian capitalism is a predatory capitalism. It is a parasite that sucks the lifeblood out of people in Africa and Asia. It is this exploitation Norwegian bombers and soldiers are really sent out to defend. The so-called democracy and the vaunted human rights are lower in price than the current dollar. All parliamentary parties are accomplices in Norway wars and all of them accept an world where Norway belongs to an exclusive club of sponging powers. Little Norway is an economically superpower, and will violently fight to preserve and strengthen this position. Just from Angola alone, Statoil earns more money than Norway gives in help to the whole sub-Saharan Africa – of course Norway can afford to bomb countries that come in the way of this plundering.

Any support for such parties and such a government is morally obscene. It doesn’t matter if they call themselves red, blue or green. Their policy is black with dried blood. Neither more kindergardens, lower fees or all the world’s bike paths can justify any kind of support for those who manage the Norwegian government’s belligerent imperialism.

Taking such a moral stance is important, but for Serve the People it is not crucial how many people that vote. When we say that the vote of people actually do not mean anything, we mean it. Most people who vote are not our enemies. And we do not measure success in the number of people that vote. It is crucial for us is to link several contacts and organizing people for rebellion and socialism – for red power and revolution.

To detach our thinking from the system are important but not enough. To create a real alternative, a truly human society, you have to act revolutionary here and now. We need to be active and be important to people’s lives. We must build people power – red power – which is regardless of the system. Power on the side of the power elite with their play democracy and their system. Power that is not just standing next to, but that challenges and confronts capitalism hatred of humans everywhere and in all its forms.

Fighting against police harassment, to chase the Nazis from streets and squares, to build alternatives to the States options, youth clubs and schools – this is to build red power. When a neighborhood solves their problems and those who work determines the workplace – then we are building red power in practice. When we create places where young people can be themselves, where red thoughts dominates –then we are building a counter-power which in time can actually be a real alternative. When people go to the red parties and reject capitalism competition and commercialism – the red power grows, and the brown and gray, cold and dark bourgeois power shyes away slowly but surely.

For us this is the key. Red power against capitalism. Red power for a human society, for revolution and communism. Through the campaign against elections, we have taken some several steps in this direction."_

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